Shop Policies

Refund Policy:
Flowers are a live commodity and we hold the rights to no refunds, but there are cases where that rule can be overridden by the discretion of FERN LLC. 

We guarantee peak freshness after delivery for 72 after delivery or pick up. 

To prolong the vitality of your flowers, maintain a filled vase with fresh water, placed away from direct sunlight and heat. Keep in mind that each flower has its own lifespan; therefore, we make an effort to provide a blend of blooms at their peak and others that are progressing toward that stage.

Delivery Policy:
FERN is flexible in regards to delivery time, but makes no guarantees on delivery time. If the wrong address has been delivered to because of incorrect address added at the time of purchase by the customer, there is no refund available. If a refund is granted you may receive up to 100% of your order. The refund total is calculated after processing fees.

We will ring the doorbell and knock 3 times. If the no one answers the door the person responsible for delivery will leave the flowers at the recipients doorstep.

Pick Up Policy:
A yellow Ford truck or blue Hyundai vehicle will have your flowers.

If none comes to receive the order or gives us a heads up that the flower recipient will be late after 15 minutes past the delivery time, your order becomes void and no refund will be given. Contact us 24 hr before the delivery time to change the delivery time. or 808-346-3175